Having established since 2012, Inteco – Legal Practice (Cong ty Luat TNHH Inteco) is one of pioneer law firms in Vietnam providing full legal services covering all business and governance related aspects those pertaining to establishment, operation and development of one company, especially FDI company licensed to operate in Vietnam. 


With advantages of owning a team of lawyers who are experienced, enthusiastic and well trained in not only law  speciality but also in economic, foreign trade speciality, have been practicing in many years with a dozen of complicated deals and cases, Inteco has been receiving the confidence from many clients coming from 12 Nations over the world who have been experiencing with many of our services including application for investment project, land lease, contract negotiation, performance of BOT contracts, EPC contracts, loan and funding facilities, internal governance, HR recruitment, application for visa, work permit ….. One of proudworthy features of the firm from its establishment is the maintainance of close, stable and durable relationship with almost of domestic and foreign clients. Such stableness of relationship and ceaseless addition of new clients helped us in shaping and being steadfast with ourselves philosophy of development and operation, verifying our service quality as well as maintaining a team of lawyers who are competent, experienced and loyal to the interest of the firm. 


With philosophy where the human resourse is centred and long term interest of the client is set as objective, we muster up most of our resouces on training and fostering the lawyer/ consultant to be expert in their profession and skills, active in social networking and relationship as well as enthusiastic, devoted in working with the clients. Inteco treats its team of lawyers, consultant as highest valuable asset of the firm and is believable warranty for our success on the market. We give prominence to provision of advices and assistance to the clients in deploying business solution firmly, maximizing the added value, obtaining profit together with sustainable development, eliminating or minimizing potential legal risks. We, when rendering consultation and assistance, always pay reasonable attention on reality aspect carried out by State Authorities but confirm the conformity to the provisions of law as well as harmonizing the short term and long term objectives. 


With all available qualification of the fouding lawyers, right from its establishment, Inteco created and has been remaining the close and good relationship with international organizations, Government organs and a wide network of partners in the related areas. Such enable inteco’s lawyers keeping updated with developmental trend of the world and Vietnam, changes in policy as well as foreseeing and forecasting the new economic and social situation comprehensively that is to shape the solution given to the clients.


Vietnam joined into WTO in 2006 and in year of 2015, Vietnam Government gave its best effort to negotiate and reach final agreements on TPP agreement with other countries. That indicated the natural and strong trend of Vietnam economy integrating into regional and international economy. In that context, Inteco is committed and will devote our best efforts to be with the clients in such development. 


Inteco is not consulting firm only, we are and pledge to be travelling companion of the enterprise, businessman and businesswomen.