Girls are trafficked to China during pregnancy 5 months

She H.D.L. and his son rescued about Vietnam
4-12 days, news from the Border Guard Station Mong Cai international border gate (Quang Ninh province), said border guard force has coordinated with China Border Police successfully rescued Her HDL (SN 1998, residing in Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province) were trafficked to China and 3 month old son.

Earlier, while boys 5 months pregnant, she was tricked L. to China for one family home in Anhui Province (from Mong Cai City 2,000 km).

At the end of January 10-2015, Border Station Mong Cai international border gate receipt of Mr. Hoang VL (Dinh Hoa district) report about his daughter that she HDL suddenly disappeared. In petitions of this maiden family stated that she quit school early and L. Quang Ninh to work from May 7-2015. Soon, she L. suddenly "turned endlessly" family contact. By early May 10-2015, via a message on the Zalo, said girls are detained in Anhui Province, China.

Get suggestions from the family of Mr. Huang VL, Border Guard forces Don Mong international border gate after the adoption of operational measures in cooperation with the Border Police Detachment Fangchenggang (China) find her HDL and newborn son was 3 months old. On 3-12, we were sisters L. was taken to force Vietnam function safely.

Border Station in Mong Cai international border gate, she said L., 5 months pregnant when she cheated L. to China and live in a family in Anhui Province (approximately 2,000 km from Mong Cai ).

Show Border Station Mong Cai international border gate has completed all procedures, handing her HDL and son of the family, and coordinate with the appropriate forces to continue the investigation to clarify the incident, tracing the object is trafficked girls.

Trong Duc