Many companies use banned substances in animal husbandry were uncovered

On 4-12, HCM City Police said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat has mailing compliment to the Police Department Crime Prevention Environmental (C49) - The Ministry of Public Security, Police Department Investigating Crimes economic management order and positions (PC46) - HCM City Police, Department of Management HCM City market because these units were investigating, detecting and handling many cases substance use Livestock prohibited.

During peak action ensuring food safety in the agricultural sector, focusing on inspection and examination of substances banned from use in livestock production, the agency under the Ministry of Public Security, the authorities market under the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the investigation and handling of cases of violation. In particular, the agency has detected and processed Co. Feed Changfu (Hai Duong, Hai Duong province), Plant Feed Processing and Fisheries Thang Long (Pho Noi A Industrial Zone Hung Yen), Thien Ton Company Ltd (Hai Duong), the Company Vimark (Bac Giang), An Dai Tin (Hai Duong) have used prohibited substances in animal feed.

Then, on 25-11, PC46 HCM City Police Departments in collaboration with the HCM City Market Control check points simultaneously producing and trading of Company Limited and the Company Tino Menon in Binh Tan District.

Hundreds of tons of animal feed are not allowed to circulate with large quantities of imported materials outdate detection, stop before being sent to consumers.

Mr. Cao Duc Phat stressed: "We wish the comrades continue to closely cooperate to detect and handle firmly the production base of agricultural materials, food processing law violations; special attention to the use of banned substances in animal husbandry